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b0070705_18552948.jpgNPG Music Clubがリニューアルされ、Musicology Storeに新たなトラックが追加されました。

"Satisfied" - new Prince song@The NAACP Image Awards
"Strange Relationship (Live)" - with the Sign O' The Times Band@First Avenue in 1987.
"Live From Paisley Park (Letitgo/Vicki Waiting/We March)" - with The NPG@Paisley Park in1995.

"One Nite Alone (Solo Piano & Voice)"
"One Nite Alone...Live! 3 CD set"
"Crystal Ball 5 CD set"
"The War"

ちなみに「Crystal Ball」のジャケットはこちらでDL出来ます。
by masa2soul | 2005-03-27 18:56 | Prince
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