Official mail from universal

Dear all:
It was confirmed yesterday that Universal Motown in the States have completed a deal with Prince.
In light of this prestigious signing, we are rush-releasing an e-exclusive to run Tuesday 13 December.

"Te Amo Corazon" is an introduction to the forthcoming new album to be released 2006 (Spring, TBC). This will be released commercially but not as formal single.

The video for "Te Amo Corazon" was directed by the actress Selma Hayek. We will be announcing details of it's premiere/online partner ex U.S. later this week. In the States, VH-1 will be the partner premiering the clip, Tuesday 13 December.

"Te Amo Corazon" will be sent to multiple radio formats in the States with immediate effect.

More details to follow regarding the first single and the album itself, along with plans for a world tour beginning Summer 2006.

Emily Kift will now be in touch with your new media teams to organise your local e-release of "Te Amo Corazon" on Tuesday.

また"Te Amo Corazon"が1stシングルに予定されていて、アルバムリリースは2006年の春。 その後2006年の夏からツアーだとも書かれている。
"Te Amo Corazon"のPVがVH-1で12/13に流されるらしい。

Prince.orgに"Te Amo Corazon"の一部とされる画像が アップされていて、他のトピックにはVH-1で13日の11時(たぶん)より "Te Amo Corazon"のPVが流れるという記事もあります。


by masa2soul | 2005-12-08 14:02 | Prince
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